Tuesday, June 23, 2009

summer break+software issues

ok I haven't been posting for a few days. I was out of town and was quie busy but I did play some poker. one bad session (almost $300 down) and one "ok" session (about $70 up). but no graphs... after watching some HU vids and reading forums I realised that HEM is so much better than PT (few important HUD stats+lots of useful filters) so I bought the licence - $45 is less than a BI so I hope it'd be +EV in the long run. I tried to convert my db manualy and I guess I screwed it :) I had my hh archived somewhere and tried to import it but it didn't run quite as I expected. I'll try to fix that..or start from the scratch. I don't need 2nl stats anymore(I hope!)+it may improve performance. also it looks like I may need a separate hard drive for the DB but oh well...
my summer break starts next week(sun-beach-sport/sex-drugs-rocknroll) and I'll be back in the end of July so no poker/blogging for about a month :)
not sure if I play much this week - I have to meet alot of friends(drunk poker is a no-no...well at least at 50nl) but again...we'll see :)

*edit* just played for a few minutes after writing this post and won almost $60-something. time to go to bed before variance hit me :)

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  1. have a good break m8, see ya when you get back