Sunday, June 7, 2009

poker after dark

just a quick update. i found a guy sitting on a big pile of $s so i joined his table. i easily doubled up - he was such a calling station. but then crazy things started to happen. we both were deep so he called my raised/3bets and c-bets almost always and then did something fancy like huge overbet or huge river bet that made no sense but whenever i called he did have something :) at some point i lost almost $100 to him while he was playing awfuly. i'm glad i didn't quit and didn't go on tilt because with his style it was statisticaly impossible for him to keep winningn money. eventually i won almost all of his money(he had ~$20 left and i was sitting wit almost $200). fish can be tough!
p.s. i love my red line but they don't respect my bluffs so i should bluff less

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