Thursday, June 4, 2009

today's graph

the session went pretty except the rollercoaster in the end. result: i'm ~40$below EV. d'oh, again. but looking from another perspective it might be good: i'm learning the lesson that i can run 10-15 BIs below EV cheaply. also, i'm running bad now so when i move up to where they respect my EV i'll be running hot and make alot of money..amirite? :)
my vpip/pfr/3bet/AF=25/23.5/9/3.2 which is pretty standard for me. my WTSD is a bit low(28%), while W$SD is ok(kind of) ~55%. still red line above zero, blue line - below(slightly) which means i'm losing big pots and winning small. still have to call river bets less and bet more turns.

also i've seen verneer's multi-table video on cardrunners. he attaches that windows control panel(or how is it called? the one with the "start" button) to the left side of the screen(instead of the bottom) so each table has its own separate label instead of one "full tilt poker (16)". thats genius :) it really made game easier :) he also shared his AHK script which i may try later when i'm not that lazy.

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  1. I think the EV graph is very misleading - take a coin flip case where you're the 55/45 favourite - you might lose a whole stack on that dropping your won$ line loads, while the ev line will only increase 10% of a stack.

    A better graph would be a true sklanksy bucks chart - ie if you lost that 10% coinflip, your won$ drops only 10% of pot (with expected ev increasing 10% of pot) - this still doesn't say to you 'I could have been sitting on an extra $100 if I was just luckier', but it does give a much more proportional plot - lots of winning player appear -EV, but that's because they're pushing the smaller edges. Quite possibly they're not -ev at all, it's just that a few large pots went the wrong way...

    (I think - my maths sucks being only an excommunicated physicist)