Saturday, June 13, 2009

beware of regs

maybe it's weekends but fulltilt was infested with regs today. here's how to spot a reg: they sit at more than 2 tables, their stack are much bigger than $50, they auto top-up if their stack drops below $50.
the first one was Russian so we've had a quick chat after the session was over. he pointed out some of my leaks..but next time i'd tather get a coaching session for the same amount of money :)
then i made some effort to find fish. i found an uber-nit :)

i was minraising every button and he was folding almost always. in the end i guess he kind of "got it" and i was bored already so i left him.

i was only $30 below for the day when i started playing with reg#2. he instantly offered me to play him at 2 tables(bad sign! i was soo naive lol), ofcourse i didn't but i still played with him. he was playing like durrrr: choose a hand to play, raise preflo, bet flop and turn and shove river.i guess i was tilted so i lost quite alot.
3rd reg was kinda tough, he was check-raising and reraising me all the time but he was playing almost face-up so i adjusted properly, got my $50 back, stacked him for extra $50 and then even got few bucks more..actually almost another buy-in..well, maybe he wasn't that tough? :)
it was a shitty day. maybe i should move back to stars: there's much more fish

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