Monday, March 29, 2010

fulltilt support is the best

today I was playing $50 husng, I was leading, got disconnected, when i finaly logged back in i had 140chips (blinds: 25/50). needless to say i lost this one. i emailed fulltilt ("omg wtf rigged!!" etc) and got their response within 20 minutes:

We've reviewed tournament ######### and found you experienced Internet connection issues while playing. As a courtesy, we've credited your account with the buy-in for this tournament in Tournament Dollars (T$), 52.50T$.

Monday, March 15, 2010

half month update

1st half of the month has passed and i've met half of my monthly goals (i.e. 1 goal): make $1k (brag, kinda). mostly 30$, some 20s and one 55$ hu miniftops event (epic fail vs superfish, game #133 followed by lifetilt till game #139). i'm not even close to 250 games (1/2 of 500games, goal#2) and i don't think i'll have that much time this month to achieve it. so maybe i'll change my plan. after all i've made 1k, time to press F2("save game"). i should probably stick to 30s..or move upto 50s..or try cash and spew it all :)
btw, i applied for the mount robusto project and got an email few days ago from my "sergeant". we're a group of 10, looks like most of us play 50nl to 100nk cash and we're having some sort of assignments soon. i still don't know what it all means and i can't even watch the mount robusto video update..but we'll see

Monday, March 1, 2010


donkaments +$713:

cash -$259:

bottom line: +$454 (sigh!)

cash: continuation of 50nl shot-taking from last month..didn't end well. i didn't play badly though, mostly coolers. i suspect i might have been owned near the end (red line drops). the rest is 10nl and some 25nl when i was bored with husngs.

donkaments: unfortunately my graph doesn't look like a boner, like last month. after about 100 games i've printed enough $$s to take another shot at 50nlhu, this did not end well, probably i was tilted and i def didn't play my a-game. also, i started 2-tabling husng so it might as well be learning curve. i was struggling with 2 tables in the beginning for sure! then i was running bad. oh and i didn't play much last week (too tilted/tired after the olympic games - can't believe one night i slept less than 2 hrs to see that misery), so i may say i had a break from poker and now i'm ready to conquer new heights.
goals for the march:
-play at least 500 husngs
-make at least $1000 (10%roi@20s)
(?)try more 30s and maybe 50s
(?)work on 6max/hu cash
i may be overrolled for 100nl soon so playing 20s will be huge -EV for my bankroll. i have to move up somewhere ldo..maybe hu cash+coah, i don't know yet. there were 2 propbets on BBV: 15k/month@100nl and 30k/month@200plo. both guys achieved their goals. i wanna move uuupppp toooo...