Thursday, April 30, 2009

unlucky day

didn't play yesterday but tomorrow is Mayday so probably I'll play alot. from now i'm going to multitable again. this session didn't start very well - lost whole stack due to bad beat (2 pairs vs overpair and villain hit backdor flush), then made some mistakes/hero calls and tightened my game - it went pretty well after that. i was pretty unlucky also but with bonuses and rakeback it's about zero. i gotta start future sessions much tighter. oh and i should move up to where they respect my raises even more(50nl) very soon..
good news: i'll get 400fpps on stars for filling the surbey on 5th of May - enough for the next turbo takedown sats
bad news: from May i have to earn 1k ftps more to get cardrunners membership

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


things just didn't go right in the beginning(i thought i've fixed that before)..then i've decided to play tighter and added more! :) $150 from turbo takedown isn't that much. +over $5 in rakeback+deposit even swingy breakeven sessions bring some profit. fulltilr>pokerstars

Monday, April 27, 2009

monday monday

gotta turn back to cash-game mode as i've played too many tournaments recently. i've started really well even stacked a guy a set but then made some stupid not paying attention to stack sizes:

$0.1/$0.25 No Limit Holdem
8 players
UTG Liweikai ($6.81)
UTG+1 l1ttledb ($29.77)
MP1 azabnmp ($25.50)
MP2 Scapalusa ($5.00)
CO Hero ($30.47)
BTN Spartankick ($5.00)
SB kuli2001 ($45.41)
BB darkness2006 ($10.00)

Pre-flop: ($0.35, 8 players) Hero is CO

Liweikai raises to $1, 3 folds, Hero calls $1, 3 folds

Flop: ($2.35, 2 players)
Liweikai bets $2, Hero raises to $4.50, <- cheap gutshot bluff. if he had deeper stack i should have raised more, but with his actual stack size i should have folded, so it's bad in many ways
Liweikai goes all-in $5.81
, Hero calls $1.31 <- was forced to call due to pot odds.. :(
($13.97, 2 players)

River: ($13.97, 2 players)

Final Pot: $13.97
Hero shows:
Liweikai shows:

Liweikai wins $13.28 ( won +$6.47 )
Hero lost -$6.81

downswing in the middle is when others started taking advantage of my loose style so i simply changed tables. I can clearly see a pattern: they call all bets with air and jam on the river with air. i suspect i've folded too many hands.
$0.1/$0.25 No Limit Holdem
7 players
UTG ghostyx89 ($50.11)
UTG+1 ShingoKatayama1 ($15.15)
MP Alf080 ($52.01)
CO Pants N At ($26.25)
BTN Ajatolah ($24.76)
SB Hero ($27.48)
BB Jolly2702 ($25.00)

Pre-flop: ($0.35, 7 players) Hero is SB

5 folds, Hero raises to $0.65, Jolly2702 calls $0.40

Flop: ($1.30, 2 players)
Hero bets $1, Jolly2702 calls $1

Turn: ($3.30, 2 players)
Hero bets $2, Jolly2702 raises to $5.50, Hero calls $3.50

River: ($14.30, 2 players)
Hero checks, Jolly2702 bets $6, Hero calls $6

Final Pot: $26.30
Hero shows:
Jolly2702 shows:

Hero wins $24.99 ( won +$11.84 )
Jolly2702 lost -$13.15

Loose fish tried to protect his BB. he tried to represent..actually i have no clue. his play just didn't make any sense. that's how you level yourself :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

turbo takedown

ok here's the hand that Meteoric didn't like:

No Limit Holdem Tournament

7 players
UTG pesheraj (2955)
UTG+1 AdLaing22 (3275)
MP 123kuba (5800)
BTN Hero (2700)
SB Zenkei2007 (3580)
BB Loan$hark (2275)

Blinds: 15/30

Pre-flop: (45, 7 players) Hero is BTN

2 folds, 123kuba calls 30, RANDOMLIGHT calls 30, Hero raises to 60, 1 fold, Loan$hark raises to 210, 123kuba folds, RANDOMLIGHT folds, Hero calls 150

Flop: (495, 2 players)
Loan$hark bets 360, Hero calls 360

Turn: (1,215, 2 players)
Loan$hark bets 690, Hero calls 690

River: (2,595, 2 players)
Loan$hark checks, Hero bets 300, Loan$hark calls 300, Loan$hark says "bs"

Final Pot: 3,195
Hero shows:
Loan$hark shows:

Hero wins 3,195 ( won +1,635 )
123kuba lost -30
Loan$hark lost -1,560

i liked how i played this hand for many reasons actualy, but some people like Meteoric and Loan$hark didn't like it. it even put him on monkey tilt so he open-shoved 62s and lost which was kinda funny :)

anyway, at some point i was 24th with almost 3.5 avg stack but last 15 mins before the break i played at the 3-handed table with a shortstacker and a guy on my left who didn't mind gambling. that was retarded - instead of taking advantage of my stack size i actually lost some chips. unfortunately later I switched to chip-spewing mode and tried to steal blinds twice with very marginal hands. some shortstacker shoved and i was forced to call. actually 2nd call was bad..then i lost 2 flips and I was left with 5bbs. I realised there are only 200 people left till next payout level so I started requesting time on every hand before folding. this retarded tactic made me extra $60. oh and i lost with AQs so it wasn't that bad. finished ~1900/9000 ($150). better than last month.

oh and I lost 2 sats on fulltilt this morning(maybe $12-$15 in total). not that I had good chances but I have to admit I played terribly

Saturday, April 25, 2009

efficient coinflipping

it's 3am and i've just got a ticket to turbo takedown..woo-hoo! i think i played like 4-5 satellites but i didn't waste much time - in the first 2 i didn't last more than 15 minutes though i made probably top 1/3..that was quick! 1000 starting chip, blinds raise every 5 minutes so it was brutal. in the beginning i played very tight(after only 5mins your M is well below 10!) but then i realised i can't win more flips than anyone else so i've decided to play exploitatevly since other people made strange moves: open-raised with half of their stacks and then folded on flops or called raises and folded to flop minraises etc. my idea was to make my stack slightly greater than the average to steal some blinds and then play conservatively again when others start shoving like crazy. i think i made top 200 twice(maybe once actually) and eventually made top 100. nh!
but still this structure is brutal! here's a quote from Benjamin Graham's "Intelligent Investor":

Let’s assume we get 225 million Americans up tomorrow morning and we ask them all to wager a dollar. They go out in the morning at sunrise, and they all call the flip of a coin. If they call correctly, they win a dollar from those who called wrong. Each day the losers drop out, and on the subsequent day the stakes build as all previous winnings are put on the line. After ten flips on ten mornings, there will be approximately 220,000 people in the United States who have correctly called ten flips in a row. They each will have won a little over $1,000.

Now this group will probably start getting a little puffed up about this, human nature being what it is. They may try to be modest, but at cocktail parties they will occasionally admit to attractive members of the opposite sex what their technique is, and what marvelous insights they bring to the field of flipping.

Assuming that the winners are getting the appropriate rewards from the losers, in another ten days we will have 215 people who have successfully called their coin flips 20 times in a row and who, by this exercise, each have turned one dollar into a little over $1 million. $225 million would have been lost, $225 million would have been won.
By then, this group will really lose their heads. They will probably write books on “How I Turned a Dollar into a Million in Twenty Days Working Thirty Seconds a Morning.” Worse yet,they’ll probably start jetting around the country attending seminars on efficient coin-flipping and tackling skeptical professors with, “If it can’t be done, why are there 215 of us?”

But then some business school professor will probably be rude enough to bring up the fact that if 225 million orangutans had engaged in a similar exercise, the results would be much the same—215 egotistical orangutans with 20 straight winning flips.

it's very true and noone has an edge in i have some thoughts on playing in close to the "move-in" stages that i want to test. thats why small ball is great for deep stack tournaments - you don't have to risk all your chips to grow your stack above the average(so it'll be safer in the "move in" stage)..but unfortunately online mtts aren'y deepstacked

played a short cash session which was quite successful. i noticed strange tendency - players call all raises and the just shove or make big overbet on the river..

$0.1/$0.25 Deep No Limit Holdem

9 players

UTG stiLObpc ($20.21)
UTG+1 Hosimp ($22.23)
MP1 samumatete ($61.87)
MP2 Hero ($30.16)
MP3 heirou3pp ($15.95)
CO CloningAA ($35.35)
BTN san85 ($25.66)
SB theadora ($25.00)
BB BiggerBetterUSA ($24.90)

Pre-flop: ($0.35, 9 players) Hero is MP2

samumatete says "phew", stiLObpc calls $0.25, Hosimp calls $0.25, 1 fold, Hero raises to $0.65, 5 folds, stiLObpc calls $0.40, Hosimp calls $0.40

Flop: ($2.30, 3 players)
stiLObpc checks, Hosimp checks, Hero bets $1.50, stiLObpc calls $1.50, Hosimp folds

Turn: ($5.30, 2 players)
stiLObpc checks, Hero bets $2, stiLObpc calls $2

River: ($9.30, 2 players)
stiLObpc bets $9.30, Hero calls $9.30 <- "hero call"

Final Pot: $27.90
stiLObpc shows:
Hero shows:

Hero wins $26.51 ( won +$13.06 )
stiLObpc lost -$13.45
Hosimp lost -$0.65

then i noticed pokerstars finaly announced 20fpp sats to million turbo takedown - 100 seats guarantee, an opportunity i can not miss :) looks like i'm having a sleepless nights again...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

[ ] poker luck

played 2 sats and no cash today. 1st one was $1.2+ rebuys 6max MTT - was chip leader all the way but then when blinds were high lost 2 coinflips and finished 3rd from the tickets. 6max turbo MTTs are much more stupid than 9max turbo MTTs anyway..

then I played sat to turbo takedown on stars..don't have many FPPs as i don't play on stars now so chances are i'm not gonna qualify. lost big pot, made an epic comeback, then badbeat and another epic comeback and a chip leader again..then push-fold stage started. my jacks lost to AT (flop is ATx obv) and then i shoved QT from the SB when everyone folded to me and my M was ~2.5...BB(chip leader) called with J4 and won. mentalist..standard :) 6th out of 24, 1 ticket and 1 4000FPPs prize. too bad my "ownage skills" didn't help me

at least i only lost $3.6 today :) "opportunity cost" of not playing cash was much greater i guess

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hi Erick Lindgren

thats 10-tabling 25nl. gotta play longer..nothing special. i also played 2 WSOP supersattelites(both were the cheapest lol) - was busted in both, even though i made final table and had 3rd stack..and 1 FTOPS satellite which I won. it'll be hosted by Erick here I come!