Thursday, April 23, 2009

[ ] poker luck

played 2 sats and no cash today. 1st one was $1.2+ rebuys 6max MTT - was chip leader all the way but then when blinds were high lost 2 coinflips and finished 3rd from the tickets. 6max turbo MTTs are much more stupid than 9max turbo MTTs anyway..

then I played sat to turbo takedown on stars..don't have many FPPs as i don't play on stars now so chances are i'm not gonna qualify. lost big pot, made an epic comeback, then badbeat and another epic comeback and a chip leader again..then push-fold stage started. my jacks lost to AT (flop is ATx obv) and then i shoved QT from the SB when everyone folded to me and my M was ~2.5...BB(chip leader) called with J4 and won. mentalist..standard :) 6th out of 24, 1 ticket and 1 4000FPPs prize. too bad my "ownage skills" didn't help me

at least i only lost $3.6 today :) "opportunity cost" of not playing cash was much greater i guess

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  1. c'mon yegor I'm sure you can hit one of these SAT's. I fully expect you to have a result over the weekend.