Saturday, April 11, 2009

breakeven day

well not really a breakeven since I got $10 bonus, ~$5 rakeback..bonuses on stars suck :) btw, there are daily $500 and $1k freerolls on stars that i may play(i'm a goldstar after all) but still they're a waste of time compared to fulltilt bonuses. oh and looks like i'm getting stoxpoker membership (that i don't actually need) for free...trulyfree :)

I was only 4-tabling - still trying to adopt new style(today my VPIP was ~32%). it seems to be a good options since everyone just folds preflop. i could have done much better - made a "hero call"(hand ~185) and near the end probably got tired and felt like "gambling" with shortstackers

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