Thursday, April 30, 2009

unlucky day

didn't play yesterday but tomorrow is Mayday so probably I'll play alot. from now i'm going to multitable again. this session didn't start very well - lost whole stack due to bad beat (2 pairs vs overpair and villain hit backdor flush), then made some mistakes/hero calls and tightened my game - it went pretty well after that. i was pretty unlucky also but with bonuses and rakeback it's about zero. i gotta start future sessions much tighter. oh and i should move up to where they respect my raises even more(50nl) very soon..
good news: i'll get 400fpps on stars for filling the surbey on 5th of May - enough for the next turbo takedown sats
bad news: from May i have to earn 1k ftps more to get cardrunners membership

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