Friday, May 1, 2009

random thoughts

it's Mayday which means streets are full of communists with soviet flags and...I got cardrunners membership. their forum looks awesome I gotta troll for a while. back to mass-tabling(12-14 tables). why do I always spew money in the beginning? some coolers, some heaters - nothing extraordinary, but I definetly spew money in the beginning - make stupid hero calls, crazy bluffs, etc. if only I could stay fix it somehow - it costs me hundreds of dollars I guess :) I'll try to play much tighter in the beginning. fortunately I have alot of $$s to clear from "first deposit bonus"(+$20 this session) and rakeback.
ok, holidays...

[x] grind on the mind



  1. Looks like you always stop once you break even too. I'd be pretty relieved after that session with 1800 hands to get back there, but others you stopped after only 500 hands (once you'd got back to zero). Once you've got over the initial bad start, why stop once you're winning again?

  2. actually all my sessions are ~2hrs long, on weekends(like today) sometimes I play more. number of hands depend on tables - sometimes I have to wait over 10 minutes to join(thats where PS is definetly better). btw, first 200 hands of that 500 hand session was at 4 tables.

    but I understand what you mean. after losing 4-5 buy-ins I take a break because I start playing cautiously: I tend to value-bet less, fold better hands etc. When I win few buy-ins it usually involves few shoves so I also take a break because I can easily go into shoving mode. and of course sometimes I don't feel like playing after such breaks and I don't force myself into playing because it's a suicide. if only I could play poker like a robot. I hope it comes with experience