Sunday, May 17, 2009

weekend graphs



lots of things happened so i didn't have time to post session results - had to leave home quickly yesterday and came back today at night so todays's session is much shorter. maybe it's good because today's players were much tougher. yesterday's graph looks ugly because of bad luck($70 below EV) and a couple of big mistakes. if you remove a couple of big downswings it'll be even upward sloping. thats how few mistakes can ruin a session. i still don't think i played poorly, but at some point i was down by $190(ouch!)
after the weekend i'm like $10 down but actually i've recieved $60 and i'll recieve huge rakeback next friday so when i look at my balance it's growing much faster than my actual winnings (or um..losses like this week) so maybe it subtly affects my motivation: my bankroll is still growing so why shall i try harder? hm...

just looked at my graph since i announced my "$500 challenge"(last week):

1)omg i didn't know i had $410 downswing(thanks to bonuses+rakeback)
2)my blue line looks not-so-bad though i have to stop tilting(better luck might help..wink at poker gods)
3)i need to get coached by Meteoric on how to run hot :)


  1. I'll see if I've got something for the poker gods to help you out. I'm sure I've got a spare virgin hanging around somewhere...

    $410 downswing! I've got a long way to go before my bankroll could cope with something like that - I'm sure you'll turn it around.

  2. lmao i'd give anything to have a $400 downswing :-)

  3. ha i thought "i wish i had durrrr's downswings" :)