Saturday, May 2, 2009

swingy session

looks like after big winnings I had hard time adjusting to tought opponents. 400 hands of losses but then I started playing ok again (except statisticaly insignificant cooler - nut straigt vs runner runner flush). this downswing is due to red non-showdown winnings(losses?). standard situation: loose fish (54/5 or something stupid) opens-raises, everyone folds, I call from the button with TJ. flop comes T 7 2 rainbow, he checks, I raise, he min-checkraises, I call. turn - some blank card(like 4) and he makes pot-sized bet, I don't want to play big pot with a very marginal hand (that can only beat a bluff) so I fold, even though I have position. the problem is I can't put 54/5 villain on any range, like he could have easily had T4 and I don't want to "level myself". probably I should re-raise their check-raises but this tactic significantly increases variance. traders always try to increase variance because big risk=big reward but I think poker is different and I'd much rather take money from passive opponents

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