Tuesday, March 31, 2009

king of nano-mtts

ok I got my goldstar but def. forgot how to shortstack. I also joined Daniel Negreanu's site (pokervt.com) - it's quite interesting. they have video lections, comments from live play and videos like all other sites but also "ask pros" forum and weekly tournaments with pros, so it's possible to play with DN and get his feedback. after watching a couple of videos i've decided to field-test his small ball approach at the..10 cent MTT. I don't remember why such a retarded idea came to my mind, but nevertheless I've won it:

sick brag, IMO (10 cents well spent). WSOP, here I come :)

*edit* every hand revealed:

Monday, March 30, 2009

chasing the goldstar

**** the variance. thats why SSS sucks :) 240VPPs left so I'll do it in a couple of hours, unless they reset the counter too early. I hope they use eastern time

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I finished near the money and I could easily get into the money folding every hand but unfortunately I made a couple mistakes. Also, players were much tougher than in any other tournament I've played before. they knew how to shove/steal/resteal etc. there were no crazy alliners in the beginning.

here are some questionable hands. I need to make more detailed analysis later.

hand #1

UTG Snomankw (5620)
UTG+1 ANNALEX (15470)
MP1 PUDGE111 (6377)
MP2 Hero (9620)
MP3 Salsicha (75)
BTN farmerDE (1150)
SB profontaine (7485)
BB Mongy (3665)

Blinds: 200/400 Ante 25

Pre-flop: (825, 9 players) Hero is MP2

3 folds, Hero raises to 1,200, 1 fold, ENRIQUEL calls 1,200, 3 folds

Flop: (3,225, 2 players)
Hero checks, ENRIQUEL bets 1,200, Hero folds

Final Pot: 3,225

ENRIQUEL wins 4,425 ( won +2,025 )
Hero lost -1,200

as a preflop raiser i should have raised any flop 100% of the time with any cards but this flop connects with a huge portion of his calling range so he'd reraised me with any hands, given that Ax is only 1/3 of my range so I'd have folded 2/3 of the times to his reraise.

hand #2

UTG jens2904 (13374)
UTG+1 ENRIQUEL (15575)
MP1 farmerDE (7950)
MP2 CARushFan (3005)
MP3 Mongy (2940)
CO Snomankw (4070)
SB PUDGE111 (18250)
BB Hero (8295)

Blinds: 300/600 Ante 50

Pre-flop: (1,350, 9 players) Hero is BB

4 folds, Mongy goes all-in 2,890, 3 folds, Hero calls 2,290

Flop: (6,530, 2 players)

Turn: (6,530, 2 players)

River: (6,530, 2 players)

Final Pot: 6,530
Hero shows:
Mongy shows:

Mongy wins 6,530 ( won +3,640 )
Hero lost -2,890

his M was ~2, my equity against random hand was 42%, pot odds were about 2-to-1. uh I guess I forgot to divide pot odds by bubble factor, so probably it'd not be +EV.

hand #3

UTG farmerDE (7850)
UTG+1 CARushFan (2905)
MP1 Mongy (6480)
MP2 Snomankw (3970)
MP3 ANNALEX (13828)
CO PUDGE111 (17850)
BTN Hero (6355)
SB jens2904 (12674)

Blinds: 300/600 Ante 50

Pre-flop: (1,350, 9 players) Hero is BTN

4 folds, ANNALEX raises to 1,800, 1 fold, Hero goes all-in 6,305, 2 folds, ANNALEX calls 4,505

Flop: (13,960, 2 players)

Turn: (13,960, 2 players)

River: (13,960, 2 players)

Final Pot: 13,960
Hero shows:
ANNALEX shows:

ANNALEX wins 13,960 ( won +7,655 )
Hero lost -6,305

equilibrium calling range was 12%: 44+, ATo, A8s+, KQo,KJs. but he didn't shove so I hoped to steal his chips...terrible shove, I know..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

i'm the s***!

so i played 20fpp MTT turbo satellite and 150fpp sng satellite while playing 20fpp. lost the sng - no biggie since i pwned the MTT


after hitting such a monster(1st time since on stars!) I knew I was going to make it. at some point I realised I've "killed everyone" and started folding:

when there were only 20 people left everyone started "thinking" before folding for as long as possible. only 5 people left, bb=10k, ante=1.6k and one dude at my table had ~8600 chips..and he made it! it was super-long , blinds were increasing every 5 mins and 1 round was taking almost 10 minutes.


after such great luck I'll fail miserably at the main event...no, let us gogogo!! my bankroll needs extra $100'000.

btw, my friend won $2.2 superturbo satellite to sundat millions so he's playing 2 million dollar MTTs tomorrow. it's gonna be a big day


my friend won a 100FPP+R satellite to 5000FPP tournament. i didn't know it's that awesome: prize pool is $1million, 1st place is $100k, 4000th place is $90 currently there are only 4500 entrants. awesome!

i tried such satellite this morning and got pwned:

UTG Hero (10660)
UTG+1 Phat Lich (8789)
MP To$$ik (17501)
CO glen17 (5135)
BTN mrbroker (6740)
SB Trujir (9020)
BB Foxi Foxi (9400)

Blinds: 125/250 Ante 25
Pre-flop: (550, 7 players) Hero is UTG

Hero raises to 1,000, 4 folds, Trujir calls 875, 1 fold

Flop: (2,425, 2 players)
Trujir checks, Hero bets 1,000, Trujir raises to 2,500, Hero goes all-in 9,635, Trujir goes all-in 5,495

Turn: (20,055, 2 players)

River: (20,055, 2 players)

Final Pot: 18,415
Hero shows:
Trujir shows:

Hero wins 1,640 ( lost -8,995 )
Trujir wins 18,415 ( won +9,420 )

duh. the very next hand:

UTG Phat Lich (8764)
UTG+1 To$$ik (17476)
MP glen17 (5110)
CO mrbroker (6715)
BTN Trujir (18415)
SB Foxi Foxi (9125)
BB Hero (1640)

Blinds: 125/250 Ante 25
Pre-flop: (550, 7 players) Hero is BB

2 folds, glen17 raises to 500, 3 folds, Hero goes all-in 1,615, glen17 calls 1,115

Flop: (3,530, 2 players)

Turn: (3,530, 2 players)

River: (3,530, 2 players)

Final Pot: 3,530
Hero shows:
glen17 shows:

glen17 wins 3,530 ( won +1,915 )
Hero lost -1,615

well at least i lost with a full house :) maybe it was a loose push, but earlier in this tournament he shoved 24o

also if i make a goldstar(700VPPs to go) by 10pm, i'll be able to enter 100k freeroll for goldstars. too bad I can't play poker much today. i should have played more this week.