Sunday, March 22, 2009

some more awesomeness/first 3-digit day

stupid poker=profitable poker. i def. love shortstacking! if someone is intersted here are my stats:
Limit VP$IP PFR W$WSF WTSD W$SD AF AFq 3Bet Fold 3B Att To Steal Fold BB to Steal Fold SB to Steal
$0.25 NL 17.81 16.90 45.52 34.33 50.00 17.25 56.10 4.89 80.65 50.33 90.91 83.33

if you say "no way your VPIP is too high"..well..i steal BBs with any 2 and if it's folded to me on the button I raise with a very wide range. it involves some cocky pushing on flop but I'm just starting out. I'll tune my SSS for sure.

paid $15.4 in rake but who cares?

just for fun i've decided to make my 1st 3-digit day. and boy was that quick! 24-tables FTW. how comes i was grinding 5nl for 19 bloody days to make $100?

I guess I finaly moved up to where they respect my raises :)

$50.65 in rake, 27% rb=$13.68. I emailed filltilt support and they said max allowed number of tables is 8.

I may get silver star tomorrow. if i keep grinding like this, i may get goldstar and become filthy rich(kinda) by the end of the month

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