Monday, March 2, 2009

last $10

great start but then...omg i lost! i wasn't bothered but it affected my game. red line was going down. probably i was chasing draws then folding too much - sure sign of tilt. so i took a break, watched tv and then came back. not sure if it improved my emotional state but my winnings went up. $7.58/hr and i made last $10. it was supposed to improve my tilt control (because working on tilt control@10nl is more expensive), but i'm not sure if it helped me that much. 2 months ago after a few losses i felt like i was doing something stupid(and i wasn't confident that i can beat these games consistently) and my game suffered. now i don't feel emotionaly affected after few losses(badbeats or stupid play) but it still affects my game. maybe on a more subtle level - i lose few cents here, few cents there, draw dead against better hands etc. but it only means i have alot of new exciting things to learn :)

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