Saturday, March 28, 2009

i'm the s***!

so i played 20fpp MTT turbo satellite and 150fpp sng satellite while playing 20fpp. lost the sng - no biggie since i pwned the MTT


after hitting such a monster(1st time since on stars!) I knew I was going to make it. at some point I realised I've "killed everyone" and started folding:

when there were only 20 people left everyone started "thinking" before folding for as long as possible. only 5 people left, bb=10k, ante=1.6k and one dude at my table had ~8600 chips..and he made it! it was super-long , blinds were increasing every 5 mins and 1 round was taking almost 10 minutes.


after such great luck I'll fail miserably at the main, let us gogogo!! my bankroll needs extra $100'000.

btw, my friend won $2.2 superturbo satellite to sundat millions so he's playing 2 million dollar MTTs tomorrow. it's gonna be a big day


  1. 20FPP for 100 seats to the event?! How did you find that - I've just looked and the best I found was 50FPP for 200 players, with only 1 seat!

    Giving it a go, but no chance really...

  2. Ah, just found them. Unfortunately only have 10FPP left :-D

    Either beat 2000 ppl for 100 places, or 200 ppl for 1 place? The former must be better...

    How long did it take?

  3. 2 hours exactly. this 20fpp satellite was the best because prize pool is 500k FPP(=100 seats) and 2277entrants*20FPP=45540 FPP(=9 seats!)