Sunday, March 8, 2009

forgot how to play

had software issues with pokertracker so i didn't post yesterday. i didn't play many hands anyway. this graph shows 2 days. yesterday i played ~1.5k hands so ended slightly below zero. today i started playing ok, but then there were way too many badbeats and coolers. someone even cracked my full house with royal flush(!) :)
i literaly forgot how to play: it was like complete void in my head and i asked myself "how do i make decisions? what shall i know to check/raise/fold?" and didn't have answers. too bad i couldn't see the graph so i realized there's something wtong too late. but then i recalled i can lose $45 in 1 hour and make $50 in the next hour so i've decided to play only premium hands and fold anytime i face tough decision, i.e. weak-tight poker. added 10 more tables(yeah that's 24 tables!) and it made wonders (since hand #~4700). back to printing money. i "printed" ~$30 in like half an hour but action was so intense i didn't have time to change tables so i was sitting at some tables with huge piles of money. at one table i had almost $20(my buy-in is $5) and got AK on the button. someone open-raise, few people called, i 3bet him, he called, flop was Kxx he raised, i reraised, he re-reraise, i shoved and then i realised i had almost $20 and he had over $11. he called and showed KK. that was the huge downswing in the end. next time i have to be more careful :)

ok tomorrow(holiday again!) i'll try to switch back to printing money, cutting down my VPIP/PFR to something like 15/12.
online poker is so rigged :)

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  1. its the weekends... I swear it is. I Couldnt catch a cold on saturday let alone a flop. Lost $12.45. Sunday I'd "Printed" $24 by lunchtime only to lose $14 of it in the afternoon/evening. If I could exploit the weekend players I'd have this level nailed.