Sunday, March 22, 2009

I is a shortstacker :)

I suddenly realised it's the end of March so I have a little over a week to reach silver star. i may need it to order some stuff for FPPs. amazon delivery is a bitch ($50+ for $20) and stars deliver for free so that's definetly +EV. in any case, I've decided to try SSS at 25nl. BI=$5. it went pretty well (~$42/hr), and I already earned alot of FPPs. on the other hand I paid $5.1 in rake (27%rb would be $1.34!).
I gotta review SSS and as long as I'm not losing much, it'd be +EV..given that I'll earn silver star.

ah tricky parts: there are "pot-limit" games at 25nl and it is not possible to filter no-limit games and sometimes it's hard to find tables where I have to quit(after winning a pot to reduce risks)

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