Friday, December 25, 2009


There's been a lot of buzz recently about handhistories (isildur,BT,BH etc) so I've decided I should try something similar. after all it sounds like a good business plan:

1. collect handhistories
2. ?
3. profit

after browsing the web for some time I found an archive of 5million hands played on ipoker@50nl 6max this autumn (sept-oct '2009 probably). I dont play on ipoker and I know nothing about players there but I assume there's no much difference between ipoker and FT or PS (and also I comply with their TOS..). I've created a separate database and now I'm importing these hands. It seems that it may take forever - it's been exporting for almost 24hrs so far yet it's imported about 2.7 mil hands. import speed dropped down dramaticaly from 70-80hands/s in the beginning to 33hands/now so I may stop import some time tomorrow.

there's an interesting too that comes with holdem manager which is called 'holdem vision'. basicaly it profiles players at given limit(lag, tag, nits etc) and shows how different stats(VPIP, PFR, AF etc) correlate with their winrates. It also shows ranges in different flop and preflop spots, depending on actions(limpers/raiser/facing 3bet etc), board textures and number of players. I may play with this database on weekends and may write some sort of report here so if anyone has any specific questions post them in comments.

what's the use? well, for example there's an interesting post on 2p2 (link) on facong flop raise. cliffnotes from article that goes with holdem manager:

Post Summary
  • take notes: Always important, but top pair would be easy to get away from if villain only min-raises with sets and you have no other draws. (Now I just got to find the time to enter all this data into my player notes).
  • Not best hand: It's probably safe to say that when min-raised, your top pair hand is behind 75% of the time, or will be by the river without any draws. Maybe a little less than that for your overpair.
  • No Fold Equity: 99% of the time the min-raiser will go on to see a showdown, so don't try to bluff him/her out unless you have a good read/notes.
  • Great Implied Odds: This does give you GREAT implied odds if you have a good draw.
Now this sounds extremely important as I probably lose alot of money in situations like this. I'd also like to check balugawhale's "theorem" (fold when someone raises your turn bet) and examine winning players' tendencies.

ok, so for now some diagrams (based on 2.67mil hands and filtered only players that have min 1000 hands tracked)

breakeven range is +/- 5 bb/100

15-20% vpip - 25% of players are winners
20-25% vpip - 33% of players are winners
25-30% vpip - 31% of players are winners
30-35% vpip - 31% of players are winners
35-40% vpip - 27% of players are winners

10-15% pfr - 25% of players are winners
15-20% pfr - 31% of players are winners
20-25% pfr - 36% of players are winners
25-30% pfr - 32% of players are winners

Post Flop Aggression
AF :: % of winners
1 :: 22
2 :: 27
3 :: 30
4 :: 31
5 :: 24
>15 :: 27

2-4% 3bet - 21% of players are winners
4-6% 3bet - 27% of players are winners
6-8% 3bet - 34% of players are winners
8-10% 3bet - 37% of players are winners
10-12% 3bet - 21% of players are winners
12-14% 3bet - 32% of players are winners

15-20% wtsd - 29% of players are winners
20-25% wtsd - 31% of players are winners
25-30% wtsd - 26% of players are winners
30-35% wtsd - 29% of players are winners
35-40% wtsd - 16% of players are winners
40-45% wtsd - 24% of players are winners

so stats for most winning players:
vpip - 20-25%
pfr - 15-20%
af - 2
3bet - 4-6%
wtsd - 25-30%

Sunday, December 20, 2009

and now for something completely different..

I was reading some articles about poker bots the other day and it made me want to play some limit hold'em (as it's the easiest form of poker for botting). my first book on poker that I read was on limit poker and the first poker game I played was limit poker (well actually it was 5 card draw poker but I was like 7yrs old so probably it doesn't count)..but I haven't played it since then, so I started playing the lowest limit possible. anyway, here's the graph of me 14-tabling on pokerstars:

[x] 31bb/100

makes me wanna learn limit hold'em...

Monday, December 14, 2009

poker economy

i think this picture needs more love:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

ship it!!

while i was surfing and banging hot chics on Bali, my friend(i wrote about him a couple of times here) won a ticket to European Masters of Poker in Slovenia in a freeroll and took it down for 58190 euro:
sick life!

he still owes me $5 that he lost to me in our last home game...hehe..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it's cyberpoker! now on twitter

i've just set up my 1st twitter account:
i don't know what is it or how to use it, apparently it doesn't work with russian cell phones but since it's a cool thing to have, now i have one

Saturday, August 29, 2009

windows 7

yesterday i installed windows 7 so i'm not using XP any more(and i hate vista). all software works fine, fulltilt crashed once though but i can't say it never happened before. i don't have my PT old database, i have hand histories though..maybe i'll export them some time. i guess it'll take forever :)
i won a couple buy-ins at 25nl moved to 50nl HU, lost 5bi there(which included few sick soulreads and running ~2.5 bis below EV)..but i don't have that nasty graph :) instead i have sweet little saturday boomswitch. i think i should slowly grind 25nl to build big enough rolls that can handle HU swings.
also i played 2 sats to minifrops event #1. the first one was for 500ftps. after villain cracked my queens with AQ i had about 1 small blind left but eventually i made final table with 3rd stack!..only to finish 7th(5 prizes). should have shipped it..that'd be epic! :) the next one was $6 sat... to $22 event..yes, i'm a nit! got my ticket..but then i realized it starts on Thu at 5am Moscow
sunday graph:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

weekend update

I took shot at 50nl HU again(as I'm still underrolled) didn't work very well but then i recovered some of my losses and moved back to 25nl. 6max is definetly easier than 9max. not sure if i can mass-table 6max, maybe i'll try later. volume still sucks, need to play more hands.
also, cleared super-bonus and got rakeback for 2 weeks(due to delays on fulltilt). ship it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

lol bloggaments

Blogger home game: $5.5 tournament on stars. probably on wednesday. everyone's invited.

$5->bank wire->ATM->titties

ship ship

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

midweek update

quick update: i'm running good, playing not-so-good but at least green line is going into the right direction. mostly 6max 25nl and some 50nl heads-up. i'm still underrolled for 50nl but i'm taking stabs at fish occasionaly.
i've found one tendency...thats why i'm writing this post basicaly. many players limp from the SB, almost always call a raise, call almost all cbets and then do something ridiculous like minbet-minbet-huge overbet. or lead flops with minbets. here's a good example:

at first i've decided to double-barrel him as his flop calling range is full of crap. not a good idea. however it must depend on bet sizing..then i've decided to tighten up and became a total nit and folded almost all of SBs and played only limped pots without position. he started to fold to my c-bets on A- or K-high boards so i added a fair amount of bluffs for balancing(don't bluff calling stations etc) because i always failed to build a big pot with strong hands. it was very boring and i little annoying. his style was very exploitable but i couldn't exploit it well...but still he was losing money. then he found his "raise" button and became kinda spewy. interestingly, when he was betting big it was almost always bluff, so i've just waited for good hands and stacked him.

his "style" (i do think he has some method to his madness) is not uncommon so i have to figure out how to beat it effectively. must be easy money..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

lazy week

so i played less hands this week than i used to play in a day but thats because i've had a b-day(i've got 2 almost identical poker chip sets - someone heard i play poker..and a backgammon set - nice level for those who gave me poker sets) and haven't played drunk, and i think it's very important :)
i've had my very first sweat session with Meteoric. hope it'll take my game to the next level :)
some funny hands:

$0.1/$0.25 No Limit Holdem
6 players
UTG Hero ($48.41)
UTG+1 djabbel ($25.10)
CO CLX088 ($26.35)
SB AMP87 ($46.74)
BB mazerpelt ($63.59)

Pre-flop: ($0.35, 6 players) Hero is UTG

Hero folds, 2 folds, TENOFSPADES5 raises to $0.75, AMP87 raises to $2.50, mazerpelt calls $2.25, TENOFSPADES5 calls $1.75

Flop: ($7.50, 3 players)
AMP87 bets $3.75, mazerpelt raises to $13.75, TENOFSPADES5 goes all-in $26.77, AMP87 goes all-in $44.24, mazerpelt calls $30.49

Turn: ($122.75, 3 players)

River: ($122.75, 3 players)

Final Pot: $122.75
AMP87 shows:
mazerpelt shows:

TENOFSPADES5 wins $84.81 ( won +$55.54 )
AMP87 wins $34.94 ( lost -$11.80 )
mazerpelt lost -$46.74

shortly after this all-in fest i got aces:

$0.1/$0.25 No Limit Holdem
5 players
CO AMP87 ($34.94)
BTN Hero ($63.48)
SB djabbel ($25.00)
BB CLX088 ($26.35)

Pre-flop: ($0.35, 5 players) Hero is BTN

TENOFSPADES5 calls $0.25, 1 fold, Hero raises to $1.10, 2 folds, TENOFSPADES5 raises to $4, Hero raises to $12.35, TENOFSPADES5 calls $8.35

Flop: ($25.05, 2 players)
TENOFSPADES5 checks, Hero bets $25.05, TENOFSPADES5 raises to $50.10, Hero goes all-in $51.13, TENOFSPADES5 calls $1.03

Turn: ($127.31, 2 players)

River: ($127.31, 2 players)

Final Pot: $127.31
Hero shows:

Hero wins $124.31 ( won +$60.83 )
TENOFSPADES5 lost -$63.48

thats how one hand changes everything :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

playerhaters, beware..i'm back

I haven't posted for quite some time but now holidays are over and I'm back. I withdrew money from my accounts in the end of June, just before the trip but Meteoric sent me back the money I gave him before+some interest (100% roi, which is very generous :) ) so i played a few sngs. fortunately i run like god and more than quadrupled that sum. i played mostly 45-man and 90-man 1$ sngs, shipped few of them(when i was ITM it was almost always a first place..have I mentioned I run like god?). my sharkscope graph is way off(even compared to my opr stats) so no graphs there anything similar in PT/HEM? I played 1 $5 MTT, made a deep run, played few HU sngs and in the end decided to play $5 32-man HU sng. at first I wanted to play the "winner-takes-it-all" but I'm such a pussy so I played the normal one with 8 places paid. needless to say I shipped that one too! for only $56...fml

anyway, fastforward..on my way back from the airport I somehow left my wallet in the taxi(well I thought someone stole it). it was the first time in my life when I left my wallet. I had quite some cash in it: ~400 euro(got my apartment deposit back on the very last day)+some roubles worth another ~100 euro..and 4 credit cards! the very next day taxi driver(totaly random guy) called me(I had my business card with my number in the wallet) and said he found my wallet in his car. he gave it back to me with all the money(~500 euro) and credit cards! I totaly didn't expect it. Russian taxi drivers are the best :) but I have already locked my creditcards and had to re-issue them so I was able to start grinding only this week. sooo....
I started with 50nl:

had a very tilting session with some stupid shortstacker: he had $20, his line was "minbet-minbet-shove" but after 10-15mins he had $220! I slapped my self, calmed down and won almost all of it back but then suddenly "he had to go". here's his graph:

sure he had some luck but I wasn't playing my A-game. after that guy I had few badbeats in the following session and decided to try 6-max (25nl, 4 tables):

didn't play as much as I used to play and I think I'll stick to 4 tables of 25nl 6max for a while so I think it'd be better to post weekly(not daily graphs)..and I don't think I'll be able to play much next week as I have a birthday(woo-hoo). but I already have grind on the mind :)

btw rake is the killer at 25nl: from what I've experienced it's 16bb/100 hands(or 8ptbb/100) which is 50nl hu it's almost one buy-in per 1000 hands which is also bad but not as bad as 25nl..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

summer break+software issues

ok I haven't been posting for a few days. I was out of town and was quie busy but I did play some poker. one bad session (almost $300 down) and one "ok" session (about $70 up). but no graphs... after watching some HU vids and reading forums I realised that HEM is so much better than PT (few important HUD stats+lots of useful filters) so I bought the licence - $45 is less than a BI so I hope it'd be +EV in the long run. I tried to convert my db manualy and I guess I screwed it :) I had my hh archived somewhere and tried to import it but it didn't run quite as I expected. I'll try to fix that..or start from the scratch. I don't need 2nl stats anymore(I hope!)+it may improve performance. also it looks like I may need a separate hard drive for the DB but oh well...
my summer break starts next week(sun-beach-sport/sex-drugs-rocknroll) and I'll be back in the end of July so no poker/blogging for about a month :)
not sure if I play much this week - I have to meet alot of friends(drunk poker is a no-no...well at least at 50nl) but again...we'll see :)

*edit* just played for a few minutes after writing this post and won almost $60-something. time to go to bed before variance hit me :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I was owned :)

I've had a badbeat in the beginning, but since I've been running good it's ok :) then kinda grinded it up, thanks to local fish. then, when the next villain busted out, a reg sit at my table. he was 2 tabling already. I was close to zero and was pretty confident so I wanted to see what will happen.
owange (villain's)graph:

maybe I played like pussy in the beginnig(red line) but he was outplaying me on every street. and he was such a nit. very tight and very agressive. after almost $200 I started to realize I need to adjust better. thanks to bill chen and "mathematics of poker" . I need to reread a few paragraphs for sure. villain def. was a thinking player and he was capable of big laydowns unlike usual fish. all-in is such an equalizer. the momentum has changed and at some point we were 300bbs deep(I even had him covered) so he simply left the table. maybe for good - it was gettin scarier. definetly the toughest HU match I've had so far.

then I found some fish and took my money back and even ended the day in green(+rakeback). unfortunately mr. fish busted out too quickly.
I hope my skill has improved today :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HU duel

I sat down to play with some fishy villain who was also from Russia. he had some luck in the beginning but he played awfuly. after about 100 hands he went on monkey tilt and started yelling at me, giving me names, whining how online poker is rigged etc. I was kinda fed up but he was a fish so I invited him to the 2nd table. I've lost some pots and he went nuts. i should have reported his abusive behavior but I wanted my money back and I was quite confident I could've outplayed him. some crazy 4-bets and werewolf moves(flips in he middle), I beat him with a couple of "gus hansen hands" tilting him even more:

$0.25/$0.5 No Limit Holdem
2 players

Hero (BB)

Pre-flop: ($0.75, 2 players) Hero is BB

BTN raises to $1.50, Hero calls $1

Flop: ($3, 2 players)
Hero bets $2, BTN calls $2

Turn: ($7, 2 players)
Hero bets $6, BTN calls $6

River: ($19, 2 players)
Hero bets $15, BTN raises to $55, Hero goes all-in $70.95, BTN calls $15.95

Final Pot: $160.90
Hero shows:
BTN shows:

Hero wins $160.40 ( won +$79.95 )
BTN lost -$80.45

the next hand almost killed him(althoug the pot was small, note stack sizes!)

$0.25/$0.5 No Limit Holdem

2 players

Hero (BTN)
($216.75) <- !!!

Pre-flop: ($0.75, 2 players) Hero is BTN

Hero raises to $1.50, BB calls $1

Flop: ($3, 2 players)
BB checks, Hero checks

Turn: ($3, 2 players)
BB bets $2.50, Hero calls $2.50

River: ($8, 2 players)
BB bets $7, Hero calls $7

Final Pot: $22
BB shows:
Hero shows:

Hero wins $21.50 ( won +$10.50 )
BB lost -$11

at some point I was sitting with ~$250 on each table..a couple more hours and that'd be "hu4rollz" :) I could have won much more from him I believe but probably I was also tilted(no wonder). that was a good exercise for tilt control :)

in the end he turned into a passive fish(flips didn't work well for him) and just left both tables.

one night in bangkok makes a hard man humble....