Monday, February 1, 2010

jan updates

i haven't been posting here for quite some time because i haven't had any profound thoughts (i posted my quick tiltnotes on twitter though..mostly for fun and further review by myself) and of course i didn't feel like writing (read: i was lazy)
ok here are my results. it's been a solid month (notice: brag!), i played mostly HUSNGs: $10s and then $20s:

yesterday i took a shot@50nl and it wasn't all that good:

pretty disgusting. biggest pots were all preflop all-ins. lost with QQ vs KK(100bbs deep), QQvs AA(~200bbs deep), won KK vs QQ (100bbs deep) and lost KK vs AA(~200bbs deep). ok, probably i play premium pocketpairs like a noob but i don't know if i'll ever fold KK on a dry 7-high flop 200bbs deep in 4/5bet pot..
last ~$20 i won off CR headsup instructor "markuis"(brag!).. i wish i could have played longer but my connection was shitty last night and i was disconnected 3 times during that 60-hand session.
also, maybe it's good that i donated ~$100 to some fish from Tajikistan (internet?! poker?! does not compute)

ok so now i don't what shall i do:
1)keep grinding husngs.
but sometimes i have to wait quite some time to play $20s and there are MUCH fewer $50s (they're full of regs also so i doubt i'll sustain my 25+% roi). but i really enjoy low variance and high $/hr (~$39@$20 level, [ ]sustainable, lol sample size, etc)
2)work on my HU cash game.variance is much higher but my biggest winning day was at 50nl HU (~$280) as opposed to husngs ($167). alot more games, way to move up in stakes
3) ???

for now i'll stick to husngs, then maybe get a coach(to make sure i'm not spewing much) and take another shot at cash games.. i don't know