Saturday, August 29, 2009

windows 7

yesterday i installed windows 7 so i'm not using XP any more(and i hate vista). all software works fine, fulltilt crashed once though but i can't say it never happened before. i don't have my PT old database, i have hand histories though..maybe i'll export them some time. i guess it'll take forever :)
i won a couple buy-ins at 25nl moved to 50nl HU, lost 5bi there(which included few sick soulreads and running ~2.5 bis below EV)..but i don't have that nasty graph :) instead i have sweet little saturday boomswitch. i think i should slowly grind 25nl to build big enough rolls that can handle HU swings.
also i played 2 sats to minifrops event #1. the first one was for 500ftps. after villain cracked my queens with AQ i had about 1 small blind left but eventually i made final table with 3rd stack!..only to finish 7th(5 prizes). should have shipped it..that'd be epic! :) the next one was $6 sat... to $22 event..yes, i'm a nit! got my ticket..but then i realized it starts on Thu at 5am Moscow
sunday graph:

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