Sunday, August 9, 2009

playerhaters, beware..i'm back

I haven't posted for quite some time but now holidays are over and I'm back. I withdrew money from my accounts in the end of June, just before the trip but Meteoric sent me back the money I gave him before+some interest (100% roi, which is very generous :) ) so i played a few sngs. fortunately i run like god and more than quadrupled that sum. i played mostly 45-man and 90-man 1$ sngs, shipped few of them(when i was ITM it was almost always a first place..have I mentioned I run like god?). my sharkscope graph is way off(even compared to my opr stats) so no graphs there anything similar in PT/HEM? I played 1 $5 MTT, made a deep run, played few HU sngs and in the end decided to play $5 32-man HU sng. at first I wanted to play the "winner-takes-it-all" but I'm such a pussy so I played the normal one with 8 places paid. needless to say I shipped that one too! for only $56...fml

anyway, fastforward..on my way back from the airport I somehow left my wallet in the taxi(well I thought someone stole it). it was the first time in my life when I left my wallet. I had quite some cash in it: ~400 euro(got my apartment deposit back on the very last day)+some roubles worth another ~100 euro..and 4 credit cards! the very next day taxi driver(totaly random guy) called me(I had my business card with my number in the wallet) and said he found my wallet in his car. he gave it back to me with all the money(~500 euro) and credit cards! I totaly didn't expect it. Russian taxi drivers are the best :) but I have already locked my creditcards and had to re-issue them so I was able to start grinding only this week. sooo....
I started with 50nl:

had a very tilting session with some stupid shortstacker: he had $20, his line was "minbet-minbet-shove" but after 10-15mins he had $220! I slapped my self, calmed down and won almost all of it back but then suddenly "he had to go". here's his graph:

sure he had some luck but I wasn't playing my A-game. after that guy I had few badbeats in the following session and decided to try 6-max (25nl, 4 tables):

didn't play as much as I used to play and I think I'll stick to 4 tables of 25nl 6max for a while so I think it'd be better to post weekly(not daily graphs)..and I don't think I'll be able to play much next week as I have a birthday(woo-hoo). but I already have grind on the mind :)

btw rake is the killer at 25nl: from what I've experienced it's 16bb/100 hands(or 8ptbb/100) which is 50nl hu it's almost one buy-in per 1000 hands which is also bad but not as bad as 25nl..


  1. Prety cool of the taxi driver to give you back your wallet complete with cash. Only time I ever lost my wallets was when I was pissed up and had £150 in it, managed to get the wallet back but no money :o(

  2. my son lost his wallet in the mosh during the prodigy @ glastonbury this year. It turned up in the post 2 weeks later....

  3. magic poeple voodoo people :)