Wednesday, August 19, 2009

midweek update

quick update: i'm running good, playing not-so-good but at least green line is going into the right direction. mostly 6max 25nl and some 50nl heads-up. i'm still underrolled for 50nl but i'm taking stabs at fish occasionaly.
i've found one tendency...thats why i'm writing this post basicaly. many players limp from the SB, almost always call a raise, call almost all cbets and then do something ridiculous like minbet-minbet-huge overbet. or lead flops with minbets. here's a good example:

at first i've decided to double-barrel him as his flop calling range is full of crap. not a good idea. however it must depend on bet sizing..then i've decided to tighten up and became a total nit and folded almost all of SBs and played only limped pots without position. he started to fold to my c-bets on A- or K-high boards so i added a fair amount of bluffs for balancing(don't bluff calling stations etc) because i always failed to build a big pot with strong hands. it was very boring and i little annoying. his style was very exploitable but i couldn't exploit it well...but still he was losing money. then he found his "raise" button and became kinda spewy. interestingly, when he was betting big it was almost always bluff, so i've just waited for good hands and stacked him.

his "style" (i do think he has some method to his madness) is not uncommon so i have to figure out how to beat it effectively. must be easy money..

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