Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I was owned :)

I've had a badbeat in the beginning, but since I've been running good it's ok :) then kinda grinded it up, thanks to local fish. then, when the next villain busted out, a reg sit at my table. he was 2 tabling already. I was close to zero and was pretty confident so I wanted to see what will happen.
owange (villain's)graph:

maybe I played like pussy in the beginnig(red line) but he was outplaying me on every street. and he was such a nit. very tight and very agressive. after almost $200 I started to realize I need to adjust better. thanks to bill chen and "mathematics of poker" . I need to reread a few paragraphs for sure. villain def. was a thinking player and he was capable of big laydowns unlike usual fish. all-in is such an equalizer. the momentum has changed and at some point we were 300bbs deep(I even had him covered) so he simply left the table. maybe for good - it was gettin scarier. definetly the toughest HU match I've had so far.

then I found some fish and took my money back and even ended the day in green(+rakeback). unfortunately mr. fish busted out too quickly.
I hope my skill has improved today :)

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