Monday, June 8, 2009

some more HU madness. i got coolered twice in the beginning: when i shoved over villain's c-bet in 3-bet pot with a top pair and after series of 3-bets and 4-bets (i should have left at this point to find passive opponent because he was 3-betting and 4-betting alot) i shoved AQ preflop, he had kings. then the momentum changed and i got one of my stacks back and he run away as i was probably running him over.
i found out that some guys 3-bet/raise my c-bet, show total air and insta-sitout or switch tables. thats really annoying but i doubt it's profitable. i have to keep that in mind: not to plau big pots in the very beginning because they may hit and run. eventually i found some fish but he went busto pretty quickly. after ~127th hand i sat down with a reg i was happy to get my money back from him and a little over..
the only bad thing is i can't multi-table HU. i probably can't even plat 2 tables.
i found some awesome smallstakes HU videos by 'cpar1' ('HighDefinition' on fulltilt) on cardrunners. i'm very impressed. his graph is a straight line and his BB/100 is sick:

he knows his stuff but unfortunately he often says something like "on this board it's pretty standard" or "this opponent never has x in his range so i do y" without further explanation. i gotta watch all of his videos anyway

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  1. gotta love the 2/4 PL 2 hands and $239. Lol I had a dream like that once :-)