Friday, June 12, 2009

my morning fish

I like is niiiice! too bad he busted too early..I'd have played with him much longer..maybe it's not nice but then again, he used his money as a weapon to take away my money..oh and poker is a sport :)
it's a holiday here but it's hotter than hell so I'm too lazy to do anything..maybe I'll watch more HU videos and maybe I'll play some more at night..

*edit* finaly updated my took forever! evening session

somehow switched to "gambling mode" probably was fed up with "nits". luckily that guy didn't quit and I took my money back+made some profit. day nicely saved.. lesson learned: don't be stupid


  1. what are you making a day at the moment? I'm seeing lots of sessions well in the green but only a few losing or break evens :-)

  2. since last weekends and until today - a little over $70/day..unfortunately i'm very far from robusto+i've been running good ;)