Tuesday, June 9, 2009


this session was kinda nasty. i was involved in too many big pots and i lost all of them. the first one in the very beginning was a cooler, the 2nd one was $100+ misclick(lol) and a few more when i was too excited to get my money in(usually i'd just fold). regardless, i was confident i'd get my money back. the heater in the middle was actually sponsored by 3 different fish who probably were on monkey tilt. they were spewing money
maybe for now i should stop hunting deep stacks: i get their money little by little but when i'm over 200bbs deep($100+) i'm too excited to double up(they're fish, i've been taking their money easily..right?) and do something stupid.
btw, amount won: -$60, rake paid: $62, thats over 1bi/1000hands..but still less than 25nl cash

*edit* just found another pokertracker bug: green line ends at ~-$110..hm?

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