Monday, June 15, 2009

2 tables

I tried playing 2 tables. nothing good, nothing bad but in the end I sticked to 1 table. I was playing with a huge fish, 2 times we were allin 100+ bbs deep, he had some crap and I had goods but he hit 2 pairs. it kinda tilted me because I've been playing with him for quite some time and still couldn't take his money. in fact lost $100+ to him but not because he's a better player, ldo. then I sat down with a good player (cardrunners member) - I think I was still tilted as I should have insta-quit there's alot of fish. lost some $$ to him but he said "I wanna play fish. you can find better games too". words of wisdom! :) I did find some fish and recovered most of my losses. when will I learn my lessons?

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