Tuesday, March 17, 2009

live poker, session #3

my friend ordered chipset on his pokersite so we got together to "field-test" them :) we started 3-handed game. they bought in for 200bb and so did i but i only put 100 on the table (they're very loose and very aggressive "internet pros"). after a while i got pocket jacks and raised. one one of them called and the other one tried to squeeze the pot and i moved all-in. i thoght i had slightly more than 100bbs but in fact i had 160bbs so i was pretty deep for all-in. for me it's the biggest handicap in live games (well maybe 2nd biggest after not having HUD stats infront of everyone). he called with KK and i lost. another buy-in, i won some big pots and 4th guy joined. but the game was still very loose and very aggressive. then was this massive pot.

i raised with JdQd, got 1 caller and 3-bet, 1 folded. i called, 1 folded. flop 5sAhTh, i check, he c-bet, i re-raised he called. pot was already huge. turn=Jh, i checked he made almost pot-size raise, i checked. river=blank card, both checked and i won 150+bbs in this pot with pair of jacks. that was tough! in the end i made the most profit, my stack was 410+bbs, so over 110bbs pure profit :) live poker is more fun but i was exhausted after only 3 hours. it's harder than mass-tabling pokerstars :)

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