Monday, March 9, 2009

show me the money

after brutal morning session i've decided to gamble and registred for $24+$2 45-man donkament on fulltilt. these were "free monies" from pokerstrategy that i couldn't withdraw so for me they were really "play money". i've had some bad luck in the beginning and had ~900 chips when blinds were 30/60 (M=10), then doubled-up with AK and got AA in the next hand. woo-hoo! long story short: final table, i'm on the button, tried to steal blinds with 99, deep stack called, flop came 2A5, he bet, i folded. he'd not push with ace, obviously but i didn't want to gamble on bubble so i folded and kept on folding every hand. 6 paid places, i'm #5 (doubled-up with ATs somewhere in between). 6th place=$54, 5th place=$64.8. i kept on folding till i got AKo. i pushed (my M was somewhere between 7 and 10), deep stack called with QJs. gotcha! i'm 60-to-40 favourite..but he caught J on the flop and i lost. 4th place was $108, 3rd was $172.8, 2nd=$270, 1st=$410 (sigh!)

i think i still can't withdraw my $65 so maybe i should try $50+$5 donkament some time and become the new BBV legend :)

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