Tuesday, May 26, 2009

worst day ever?

i didn't play yesterday so i've decided to play today more.uhhh..thats the ugliest graph ever. looks like i've lost every single big pot. also, almost $80 below EV. nothing special - i've had worse downswings. i was like "wtf?" and switched back to HU sngs. played 7 2-man $5.25 and $2.2 sngs, won 6, lost 1(rigged obv) and then shipped 4-man shootout for another $20. get this, cyberpoker :)


  1. ah, it's in BB isn't it!

    I thought you'd lost $370 - thought you were a bit calm about that :-D

  2. me too at first glance :-)

    A bit of a nice result withthe HU SNG's tho. I must say that you seem very good at changing gears for the different formats you play.

    keep going Captain Ivan Drago