Saturday, May 9, 2009

victory day

3 days of holidays and I'm staying in Moscow which means alot of poker..hopefuly not drunk poker. this session went really well..much better than I felt. I've lost alot of coinflips, bottom set vs top set,etc but I was really surprised when I saw the graph. happy holidays! :)

*update* becaise it's victory day I made it my best cash(in terms of $$) session :)


  1. Amazing graph, yegor. your best session to date?

  2. i updated it so now it's my best cash session so far(i wont ticket to sundat warmup in a sat and exchanged it to almost $215). previous best was ~$102/day over 3777 hands

    however in terms of BBs per session or BB/100 nothing comes close to 2nl

    still $52+/hr is awesome..if only it was sustainable...