Sunday, April 12, 2009

table selection

i've decided to try table tracker and played a short session at "fishy tables". it went pretty well - i made $15 i paid for subscription. but then i found another software - spade eye, which does the same and it's free(maybe i'm running a demo?). it's much slower but more flexible. it also has built-in datamining feature that opens 18 tables to track stats. it also has some "smart" features such as "change tables every x minutes" or "close tables when nu of players drops below y" etc. i may play with it later but both programs are pretty handy cause fulltilt lobby is terrible: no filters, tables move up and down all the way.

also i have some ideas on how to improve my postflop game. have to do some analysis and maybe i'll play again tonight


sick ptbb/100..tabletracker might be a good thing but sample size is small. also, bonuses, rakeback(or no? so far i only got rakeback once) etc.

i have to practice some more, maybe a week or two and start mass-tabling again..mass small ball pwnage ftw :)

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