Saturday, April 4, 2009

casual saturday

i finaly installed new beta of PT3 but i need to update/clusterize/"housekeep" my database so i wont post graphs. i also made a deposit on fulltilt to clear the bonuses and played a while there but then "happy hour" ended. i made ~$20 on stars and lost ~$10 on fulltilt(but that was a really brief session)

also played that $3.3+R satellite to sunday warm-up. it was more of a gamble today: 144 entrants, everyone shoved liberaly. took a badbeat, was sitting on a very very short stack(still bigger than 2 rebuys so i didn't waste money), 2 guys limped in, i shoved KJs and won 5-way pot with a set of kings :) after the break(no more rebuys allowed) people were still eager to gamble so i lost a few stupid pots and ended ~60th. duh

i've found videos of Daniel's deep run in sunday million (every hand revealed!). it's pretty interesting, he was using his "small ball" approach and he took it to the extreme, minraising and limping in the whole way..he also played "suited connectors" lik 47s("well they are still connected in some way" lol) i can learn a ton definetly.

i'll spend more time learning and less time playing as this shortstacking madness isn't going anywhere. i still have to do it to clear bonuses and earn some money. but clearly from this strategy poker sites are earning much more than i do


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  2. I don't think happy hour FPPs count towards the bonus.

    Ages ago I bashed away at happy hours to clear a bonus, losing a bunch since I was multitabling beyond my abilities, only to find it didn't count.

    That was a while ago, so it may have changed (doubt it though).

    Do you have to be a member of anything to see those videos? Wouldn't mind seeing it..

  3. they don't. but I can use FTPs for tournaments and merchandise.

    yes, these videos are from his site(pokervt)