Sunday, April 26, 2009

turbo takedown

ok here's the hand that Meteoric didn't like:

No Limit Holdem Tournament

7 players
UTG pesheraj (2955)
UTG+1 AdLaing22 (3275)
MP 123kuba (5800)
BTN Hero (2700)
SB Zenkei2007 (3580)
BB Loan$hark (2275)

Blinds: 15/30

Pre-flop: (45, 7 players) Hero is BTN

2 folds, 123kuba calls 30, RANDOMLIGHT calls 30, Hero raises to 60, 1 fold, Loan$hark raises to 210, 123kuba folds, RANDOMLIGHT folds, Hero calls 150

Flop: (495, 2 players)
Loan$hark bets 360, Hero calls 360

Turn: (1,215, 2 players)
Loan$hark bets 690, Hero calls 690

River: (2,595, 2 players)
Loan$hark checks, Hero bets 300, Loan$hark calls 300, Loan$hark says "bs"

Final Pot: 3,195
Hero shows:
Loan$hark shows:

Hero wins 3,195 ( won +1,635 )
123kuba lost -30
Loan$hark lost -1,560

i liked how i played this hand for many reasons actualy, but some people like Meteoric and Loan$hark didn't like it. it even put him on monkey tilt so he open-shoved 62s and lost which was kinda funny :)

anyway, at some point i was 24th with almost 3.5 avg stack but last 15 mins before the break i played at the 3-handed table with a shortstacker and a guy on my left who didn't mind gambling. that was retarded - instead of taking advantage of my stack size i actually lost some chips. unfortunately later I switched to chip-spewing mode and tried to steal blinds twice with very marginal hands. some shortstacker shoved and i was forced to call. actually 2nd call was bad..then i lost 2 flips and I was left with 5bbs. I realised there are only 200 people left till next payout level so I started requesting time on every hand before folding. this retarded tactic made me extra $60. oh and i lost with AQs so it wasn't that bad. finished ~1900/9000 ($150). better than last month.

oh and I lost 2 sats on fulltilt this morning(maybe $12-$15 in total). not that I had good chances but I have to admit I played terribly


  1. I liked the hand too, I was just taking the piss. Especially liked how well he took the beat :-)

    Why didn't you put more on the river though?

    After the break everyone seemed to go into chip spewing mode. I guess the blinds were starting to bite at that point...

  2. would you call any river raise without any spade? :)