Thursday, April 2, 2009

i ALMOST did it again

I didn't want to play much today so I played only 1 $3.33+R sattelite to sunday warm-up, like yesterday. everything was the same as yesterday: 4th after the break with 42k chips (there were fewer players - only 99 so there were 5 tickets). I think I played well but finished 14th :(

No Limit Holdem Tournament
7 players

UTG aleks5 (42660)
UTG+1 Pinkman33 (86936)
MP strike69119 (165032)
CO Hero (29695)
SB crevaai (115875)
BB LadyPauly (44480)

Blinds: 2500/5000 Ante 500

Pre-flop: (11,000, 7 players) Hero is CO

1 fold, Pinkman33 raises to 30,000, strike69119 calls 30,000, Hero goes all-in 29,195, 3 folds

Flop: (100,195, 3 players)
Pinkman33 checks, strike69119 bets 5,000, Pinkman33 goes all-in 56,436, strike69119 calls 51,436

Turn: (213,067, 3 players)

River: (213,067, 3 players)

Final Pot: 213,067
Pinkman33 shows:
strike69119 shows:
Hero shows:

strike69119 wins 213,067 ( won +126,631 )
Pinkman33 lost -86,436
Hero lost -29,195

probably I should have shoved more. I've learned equilibrium play, time to start exploiting my opponents. I've seen so many ugly plays. for example, 1 guy limped in, got raised, called the raise, min-raises flop and the preflop raiser with 3k behind folds when the pot is ~18k

unfortunately I can't win every single tournament :) like someone said at WSOP, I almost had a set.

also I tried my 1st heads-up SNG. I only played HU in tourneys, never as a cash game or sng with even stacks. easy $2 :) this idiot was calling any raise preflop even when he was shortstacked

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