Wednesday, April 1, 2009

oops I did it again

today I watched alot of DNs videos. his handreading skills are truely awesome and he teaches well. I hope I can pick that up :)

later that evening I played $2 mtt and was eliminated in the very beginning trying to accumulate chips. here's the hand that almost ruined me:

No Limit Holdem Tournament
6 players

UTG Zienni (4490)
UTG+1 Hero (2605)
CO Seba83 (5610)
BTN fit finly (2045)
SB jaxjohn (3440)
BB Die Krupps (2810)

Blinds: 15/30

Pre-flop: (45, 6 players) Hero is UTG+1

Zienni raises to 150, Hero raises to 450, 1 fold, fit finly calls 450, 2 folds, Zienni folds

Flop: (1,095, 2 players)
Hero checks, fit finly checks

Turn: (1,095, 2 players)
Hero checks, fit finly bets 600, Hero goes all-in 2,155, fit finly goes all-in 995

River: (4,845, 2 players)

Final Pot: 4,285
fit finly shows:
Hero shows:

fit finly wins 4,285 ( won +2,240 )
Hero wins 560 ( lost -2,045 )
Zienni lost -150

probably bad play on my side but..I still think he made a terrible call.

anyway, the fun part:
after that MTT i played $3.3+ satellite to sunday warmup($215 buy-in, $750k guaranteed). obviously i made a "rebuy" in the beginning to play with double stack and made an add-on during the break. there were totaly 108 entrants and 7 prize places. right before the break I was 3rd with~40k chips, then some people made add-ons and i became 6th. so I made another add-on(2bis+1addon=$10) and I'm 3rd again. I made final table, I was 6th or 7h but all stacks except 1st two and last two were within +/- 1BB range. one guy was eliminated pretty quickly and I was probably 6th with M between 4 and 5. 9 people left, prizes are 7 tickets and $161 for the last place.

one guy had merely 4BBs so mathematicaly noone should call any shove made by others and everyone should fold even pocket aces unless this guy shoves. But I saw all sorts of weird play with limping, minraising, calling flop minraise and folding to turn bet (with M=4!), so I was kinda nervous when I got AQo on the button and everyone folded to me. I shoved and blinds folded. phew! I'm the 3rd now and one guy has 1BB+1SB+2antes (he was UTG when I shoved). someone raised from and he folded from the BB. what an idiot :) he folded on the SB and now he has 2 antes. he folded on the button and the next hand put him allin. few people limped. 4-handed action on flop! someone raised, the other one shoved, 1 folded and 1 called (1 allin). weird play. 2 people were eliminated and I got my ticket :)
interestingly, shortstacker finished 9th and the other dude was 8th though they we eliminated in the same hand only 1 got paid.

I guess now I can cancel the registration and earn cool $215 which I think would be a wise decision in terms of bankroll management..but I'll think about it.

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