Monday, March 15, 2010

half month update

1st half of the month has passed and i've met half of my monthly goals (i.e. 1 goal): make $1k (brag, kinda). mostly 30$, some 20s and one 55$ hu miniftops event (epic fail vs superfish, game #133 followed by lifetilt till game #139). i'm not even close to 250 games (1/2 of 500games, goal#2) and i don't think i'll have that much time this month to achieve it. so maybe i'll change my plan. after all i've made 1k, time to press F2("save game"). i should probably stick to 30s..or move upto 50s..or try cash and spew it all :)
btw, i applied for the mount robusto project and got an email few days ago from my "sergeant". we're a group of 10, looks like most of us play 50nl to 100nk cash and we're having some sort of assignments soon. i still don't know what it all means and i can't even watch the mount robusto video update..but we'll see