Saturday, January 31, 2009

day of poker

bankroll: $162.41(+$0.76)
VPP: 60(+14)

i played another $1.15 omaha double-or-nothing SnG(won), normal SnG - finished 2nd/9 (2 sngs, 2 2nd, holdem sng, which was quite interesting.
45 participants 0.25$ buy-in(i know, lol, cheap bastard,etc but i didnt want to wait half an hour to get all places filled). on the bubble i had 20k chips, 2nd stack was 10k so i owned the table. players weren't big fish..i mean i've seen much worse players in omaha sng's. so when 2 of us left it was like this:

me with 47.5k chips, 2nd and 3rd dudes with ~8k chips. and i finished...guess? 2nd! not the sort of consistency i wanted to show..i guess i suck when i play heads-up :(

then i played $5.5 double-or-nothing SnGs. finished 6th in the 1st one(almost in the money).
i was chip leader but then suddenly everyone started playing very tight so i couldnt improve and lost few hands..then blinds increased so i started losing money. eventually i had 2nd shortest stack(close to starting 1.5k, shortest was probably 900)..and i had that itch "i gotta double up!" and lost..i also lost 2nd: finished probably 7th. again everyone was too tight so when i had a chance i moved in on flop with nut flush vs chip leader(i was 2nd). he called with a set(he had pocket pair). turn was ten and river - another ten. full house. pffft!

then i moved back to 2nl holdem cash game and recovered my losses in only 120 hands.

it's not about money now, it's about learning. probably i should stick to cash games however i gotta work on my tournament game too. for example, tomorrow there's $200k guaranteed $11 buy-in tournament(i guess 30k max participants). great risk/reward ratio. if it was omaha i'd play it, no questions asked. probably i should work on my hold'em MTT strategy

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