Wednesday, January 7, 2009

merry christmas!

bankroll: $184.87 (+0.79)
VPP: 10 (+0)

finished reading "professional no-limit hold'em: volume one". great book. gotta add "planning hands around SPR" to my arsenal for easier all-in decisions. but first i have to get a decent sample size..and that'd be 2nl games :) too bad PS crashed again at about 100 hands. and i'm not sure if i'm gonna play more today. yes, merry christmas everyone!

so today's session..all-in with AA vs 99 with another 9 on a river..yea whatever..(will i ever win more than blinds with pocket aces? lol)it looks like every session starts with ~2BI losses. hm? pesky doomswitch. all in all it looks ok

1.get a decent sample size (planning hands around commitment seems to be promising)
2.get back to 10nl. hopefuly with some losses recovered from 2nl

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