Tuesday, January 6, 2009

yea baby! i've just failed

bankroll: $184.08(-$21)
VPP: 10(+6)

so i started 10nl. thats a whole different game! everyone is so incredibly tight! too bad i learned it the hard way lol. i've lost the entire stack($10) in the very beginning: set vs full house. this guy limped in from the button with 33 and i was the small blind with 98, flop was 399 with potential draw. i raised on flop and on turn, he checked both times. i sensed 33 or smth like A9 but couldn't believe it given his passive play so i put him on a flush-draw(huge mistake! after playing more hands his VPIP was below 10%) so i checked the river and he made huge bet. gotcha! busted flush! im all in! ****! 33?!
ok now i know 10nl is not 2nl where lots of people call all sort of crap till the river..and frequently(due to number of callers) win with gutshot-straigts or flushes. i even won few hands on a BB when everyone including SB folded to me! unbelievable.

i have to admit it tilted me so i've had some excessively creative(read: stupid) play after that hand. but then i think i kinda got it: everyone is so much tighter (HUD helped me here lol)
pot/blind stealing works great(red line). the only thing that saved me

rake is disgusting! $1.45 over 168 hands.

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  1. 10NL is definitely a whole different game to 2NL. Even though there's all that crap about 'move up to where they respect your raises', the truth is that there so much randomness in 2NL that you don't really get to really 'play' poker!

    One good thing about 10NL over 2NL is that you get more poker points and can clear bonuses quicker (or at all - no chance with 2NL)