Friday, January 23, 2009

lol donkaments

today i played only omaha. freeroll at FTP. 2700 participants, 27 paid places. only 1% gets paid so kinda waste of time.. but i played it. i was struggling with short stack but finaly had a good streak and was 21st only to lose whole stack in 1 hand and finish ~130th.

at the same time i was playing omaha freeroll - sattelite of a $2000 guaranteed limit-holdem tournament. 9000 entrants (2008 wsop main event had only 6844 entrants!) and only 72 tickets to that limit-holdem event.. so it's even tougher. now i played more cautiously and had a decent stack. after the 2nd break there were only 112 players left and i was 22nd with ~170k (72 tickets mean there must be 72 players left with 1.5k(starting hand)*9000(#of entrants)/72=187.5k avg stack) so i've decide to steal some blinds (they were 2k/4k) and then just auto-fold. when i had AAQQ double-suited i've decided it's the right time for stealing. i raised, some dude with ~170 called(i had ~150k). flop was T 4 K rainbow, he c-bet , i re-raised and he moved in, i called(i was pot-commited already)..he had T 4 with some crap and i finished 101st. with 150k left and only 30 more players left i probably should have folded every hand! grrr!

as for now there are 82 players left with avg. stack 164k and blind are 3k/6k. random dude with 55k stack is currently 64th so i think..fancy play ruined my game again :) what a lesson lol. i dont need that ticket to limit holdem tournament with 9k entrants anyway :)

maybe i should take omaha MTTs more seriously and try some real-money tournaments..or maybe get a wsop bracelet..or two lol

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