Tuesday, January 6, 2009

once upon a time... (the story begins here)

bankroll:$205.08 (+$5.08)
VPP: 4 (+4)
since i had break i've decided to play 2nl to get used to poker and multitabling again. some stupid mistakes in the beginning...reviewing some hands with my jaw on the floor. maybe i thought i was playing like a pro but i wasn't:

(thats not me btw)
started 6 tables after some success but that was a bad idea. i'm not ready for 6-tabling as i cant focus on any table and play very passively: call/fold too much with no cbets. red line shows it well:

i'm not satisfied since i made some stupid mistakes (all in aka "bluff")..but gus hansen is $1.2million down and i'm $5 up woo-hoo!

btw..PT says i'm $6.73 up however my bankroll is $205.08 ($5.08 up)..maybe something's wrong with rake?

oh and it says 3..thats because i played at night(before/after midnight)..so only 2 days

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