Thursday, January 8, 2009


bankroll: $154.73(-$30.14)
VPP: 23(+13)


few stupid but very costly mistakes. esp. the last hand which poker tracker didn't track (i had similar problem with HEM so i believe it's PS that somehow didn't save this hand. maybe i closed the table window too fast idk). lost about $15(max buyin=$10+all of my winnings): finaly caught my T-A straight only to lose to a flush. pretty stupid i know..too bad can't replay this hand.

switched back to 2nl..and it was a total freakshow:

1st doomswitch: AA vs gutshot straigh draw, all-in on flop...big wtf moment. then another AA in a few hands..this time allin on flop vs flush-draw..then TT, flop was ATx, opponent was very loose and a bully, i made a pot-sized bet, he reraised and i re-reraised all-in(added few more cents). guess his hand? right: AA

2nd 2nd doomswitch: KK vs AQss with 2 low spades on the flop. i moved in. i was 54-to-46 favourite..
1.take a break
2.find leaks
3.improve karma
4.stay at 2nl


  1. doomswitch sucks. f'in rigged or what :-)

    I was on full tilt poker when I got really badly stacked and shut the table down in disgust, and PT didn't record that hand either. I now wait for the next hand to be dealt, which is a bit like counting to ten, so maybe a good thing...

  2. it was pretty..entertaining :)

    too bad some hands aren't tracked