Sunday, January 11, 2009

gathering statistics..

bankroll: $148.10(-$10.27)
VPP: 34 (+11)

i tried to find leaks but it seems that i haven't played enough hands yet(i have certain doubts about my play with straight-draws and big pocket pairs).
so im aiming at 10k hands and im not going to change anything in my strategy so i can review it later. 4 tables is not enough, so i tried 6tables again with the same results(losses), hands 0-300. thats because i was thinking too much trying to read opponents. while i can do it with 4 tables, it seems i cant stay focused with 6 tables, so i tried...10 tables :)
brainless poker, where i dont even see results. i tried ~200 hands, then closed all tables and checked pokertracker. i was very surprised realising i'd won almost 13$(hands 300-500). so i tried to replicate my succes, won few more bucks and then either i had monkey tilt or i was just tired or my iq fell down dramaticaly for no reason..i dont know(hands 500-1900) lost almost $30..woot! again, i didnt know i was losing badly since i didnt see any showdown and had auto-rebuys. that was the end of the 1st session, 2nd session started pretty good (hands1900-2400), won over $10..then i guess i got tired again..and occasionaly clicked wrong button, calling someone's $2.6 raise preflop with K4o(i meant to fold but buttons are thats the most stupid loss, i ended up in slightly + (maybe +1.5$), had a break and started again(hands ~3000-3400), won over $10 and decided to stop :) 3600 more hands to go.


  1. That has to be the most insane experiment I've ever seen.

    nice one, more like this please! :-)

  2. insane=stupid eh? ;)
    you write about quads but i only had quads once so far so i can't say if i play them good or not..anyway we'll see soon :)