Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my 1st post..

a little bit about myself..i'm 23yrs old, i guess like most poker players. i have masters degree in applied mathematics so i know a thing or two about statistics and game theory..not that i think it's helping me in any way but we'll see. i started playing poker last year on...facebook! i know i know..play money etc. but you can't reload your chips there so it's more realistic than FT or PS play money where people go allin with every hand and then reload their stacks. i became "pro 1million there" (from 1k chips to 1million chips) and realised.. it's stupid. made a deposit on PS, was playing 1/2nl..but didnt play much. was doing ok but very swingy. then joined 2p2 forums, downloaded HEM and made a decision to take it seriously..
played for a little more than a week, mostly 2 tables then switched to 3 and eventualy 4. made some decent amount, cashed out and then christmas holidays began:

i'm not sure if i'm good at 2nl but i'm not really bothered. i'd rather be average mid-stakes winner than micro-stakes guru. so i made $200 deposit this year and going to play 5/10nl maybe 10/25. my goal for this year is 50/100nl games. i need to make a proper bankroll first :)

p.s. oh and i've never had a blog before so it may suck at the beginning (layout, tags or whatever). hope to fix it soon

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