Tuesday, January 13, 2009

pokerstars updated their software..

bankroll: $148.36(+$0.26)
VPP: 36 (+2)

pokertracker says i won $2.56 but in fact i won 10 times less. i got that "connection interrupted" message while i was playing at 10 tables, so i waited for a few mins and closed pokerstars. when i started it again it said "you should update".. guess that was the reason. i was involved in a few big pots so my hands were folded and i lost almost 2$ (100BBs!)..i dont want to guess how much i could have won :) then i had to pay SB+BB for every table, thats $0.03*10=$0.3 more. guess it tilted me a bit(hands ~300-450) so i stopped after a few big winnings.
at least i learned that blinds may be expensive :) and i liked the red line today. however if you look at this post, you'll find that pro's have quite an opposite: blue line up, red line down. well maybe thats due to high stakes

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  1. You know what AEJones's theory is?

    It's 'Bet a lot because no one ever has anything'

    I thought I was doing that?