Tuesday, January 13, 2009

some variance..

bankroll: $149.51 (+$1.15)
VPP: 37(+1)

that was a crazy day. i've had too many good hands (QQ+, AK,AQ etc). earlier i mentioned i need more all-ins :) my very 1st hand was QQ, moved in preflop, improved to set on flop and won decent amount of money. guy who lost started shouting "i need my money back" and shoving preflop(his had deep stack). after a few hands i got AQ and called. he had 64o and i got Q on flop. he won with 2 pairs lol. big ups and big downs. few mistakes..but i feel im getting better. however in december i won ~$30 after almost 3k hands which is bugging me..but i think this result wasnt statisticaly meaningful. 2150 hands more to go..

the sickest graph ever:

as opposed to my first 10-table session:

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