Sunday, February 1, 2009

back to 10nl

bankroll: $165.86(+$3.45)
FPP: 77(+17)

i played 2nl in the morning while thinking about something else so first 300 hands was a disastrous disaster. then i kinda slapped myself and fixed my play. once again..importance of proper mindset and tilt control:

also, for the 1st time in my life red line moved down, blue live moved up like in all other people's graphs.
here's my lifetime(well..since i've started this blog) graph for 2nl:

showdown and nowshowdown winnings are complete mystery to me.

then i moved back to 10nl:

(tried HEM demo again)

10nl is completely different. or maybe only this time. the game was very loose-passive(aka "fishy"). everyone just folded. my stats are funny: went to showdown=11%, won money at showdown=0% (lol!), aggression factor=infinity, vpip/pfr=21.62/20.27 which is too damn tight for me.
also looks like i can clear my bonuses playing 10nl(4230VPPs..which are actually FPPs and i'll get like..OMG! $50!)

i also played 2+2 weekly freeroll. in these freerolls blinds increase every 5 mins so everyone is almost always in "move-in" stage. i was playing ok, then i moved in with KT and got called by JT..70-to-30 advantage wasn't enough for me but at least my agony didn't last long. i finished ~250th/650. i hate fast tournaments :)


  1. so weird that your blue line cancels out your red line, leaving your winnings in the middle. And that you're only bad run matches a red flat line.

    What kind of hands do you go to showdown with - only the big hands, or would you try to get 3 streets of value out of a TPTK type hand?

  2. usually i defend my hands betting on every street so it's pretty straightforward and everyone folds. maybe i'm losing some money here but at 2nl i quite often play vs random hands even after preflop raise so i never slowplay. and i check my way to showdown with marginal hands, like top pairs.

    also i always c-bet flop from late position. if i'm on the button and everyone folds to me, i always open-raise. if there are only limpers i quite often bet. sometimes BB 3-bets me so quite often 4-bet or c-bet flop with very wide range of thats how i win most of the pots.
    also when i put my opponent on a busted draw(2 cards on flop, i c-bet, he calls and then checks turn) i make river bet with air. if he folds(more often), red line goes up. if he calls, he has something and blue line goes down.

    as for bad run, it's form of tilt: i dont protect good hands(red line stays flat) and my opponents hit their draws, bet on the river, i call and lose(blue line goes down). also, i dont raise when i should