Friday, February 13, 2009

my first live game

i met my ex-classmate who came back from Texas (he works for an oil company) where he started playing Texas Hold'em :) he's never played online("cyber poker") but he's not an idiout obviously. so we set up a home game. he also invited another guy of the same level and "online pro" who "turned 2000 euro into 12000 euro in 2 months".

it was quite fun. i insisted on cash game :) even though i was the first to bust out, eventualy i won the most(3.7bi=1 initial stack+1 rebuy +1.7 stack of net income). i played too tight in the beginning and most of pots were multiway with many raises and reraises so i folded alot of best hands like TPTK, then i adjusted my play and started winning. and in the beginning i really struggled with pot sizes and stack sizes. it's so confusing when you don't know stack sizes and pot size exactly. i was always counting chips and i believe my game suffered from it alot. but when i had to act it was quite fun to count my chips, glance at my opponents, count again, ask "how much have you got" etc :)
oh and i wasn't able to read anyone, like "his bodylanguage shows weakness" etc. not that i cared much about tells..

oh and it wasn't my first live poker actually..i played 5-card draw poker with my dad when i was like 6yrs old. but does that count? :)


  1. That's cool - I've only played live once, and most of the time was spent explaining the rules. We weren't exactly taking it seriously.

    How did the 'online pro' play? Was he really any good?

  2. And I saw your post on 2p2 about this - I hadn't noticed it was you until I read your blog...

  3. sample size is really small. he took huge chip lead in the beginning and then lost 2 coinflips and had a badbeat so at midnight(when i left, because they all live far from my place) he did 2rebuys and was sitting with a short stack. they played till 3am(lol) and he recovered his losses as i heard. he was ultra-aggressive and he was sitting on my left :)